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White Tiger Europe 1: Age is not an issue, feel only 25 years old

China Standard Time 22 Dec 2012 was a momentous year for Lee Westwood, who opened the year with his 25th European tour title in Abu Dhabi and finished 1st. It was the 47-year-old British player of the year for the fourth time in his career, rising from 59th to 36th in the world rankings. It was all beyond Westwood’s wildest dreams. “It’s an incredible honor. I never thought I could do this at my age. I thought I should slow down, but then I sped up. “I feel like I’m not 47, I feel like I’m 25, ” he said. I was energetic and quick-witted, and the kick-off in Dubai was even further away than before. Age is just an excuse, my secret is to go to the gym and practice even if I don’t want to, and I enjoy it, and that’s what it means to be able to do it all at once.”45-50 is an awkward period for a player, westwood didn’t think so, “there is no age limit for me. I hope I can prove to the world that I can play well in my 40s. Bernard Langue is our role model. Even in his 60s, he is still in great form and working hard,”he said, adding that he is looking forward to his 11th trip to the Ryder Cup next September.

Post time: Dec-29-2020