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Tour Ball Series

  • 2-Layer Surlyn ball

    2-Layer Surlyn ball

    The Speed company provides maximum flexibility on dimple patterns, compression, colors, layer designs, and even the external packaging styles. Speed offers various services & products to fit customer’s needs. We treat customers differently since each customer has different situation and culture. Speed Golf has built trusts in the partners and customers and continue to building up the long-term business cooperation. With constant monitoring and improving manufacturing practices, Speed Golf is able to deliver quality assured shipments in a timely manner to its customers. Our plenty OEM/ODM experience can definitely match customer’s needs and requirement.
  • 3-Layer Surlyn ball

    3-Layer Surlyn ball

    ● The key to the performance of speed three piece ball is the large, solid core that reduces spin and increases velocity for exceptional distance off the tee.
    ● Combines soft ionomer cover and rubber mantle to provide industry-leading feel and superior control.
    ● A three-piece design with a soft, resistant cover for control, Slick, double-coated surface is designed to reduce the side spin.
    ● High-coverage dimple design that improves aerodynamic efficiency meaning more distance.
  • 4-Layer Surlyn ball

    4-Layer Surlyn ball

    From the 2-layer ball to the 3-layer ball, and now to the fourth layer ball. The progression of layers may sound very simple to ordinary people, but in reality, it is a process of constantly upgrading concepts, technologies, and processes.
    Despite all this, Speed decided to develop a new generation of four layer golf balls. The four layer golf ball is designed with the concept of "exclusive to high-level athletes", gathering top-notch teams in the industry and utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize the performance of the golf ball.